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Open letter to Apple iPhone Developer Support

I’m a big fan of all things Apple, and as you can tell from my past blog posts I’m a big fan of iPhone development. I’ve even dusted off my aging C skills, and have learned to love Objective-C. The one thing I haven’t learned to love, like all other iPhone app developers, is their […]

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PhoneGap UIControls ready to go

I’ve merged the results of my UIControls branch on github into my master branch. I think my little experiment went well, and I’d love to get feedback from people on how this new API works for you. I still have some great plans for it, but before I get ahead of myself, let me cover […]

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I’m diving in to PhoneGap and ObjC, finally

I’ve managed to avoid C and C++ programming for most of my career of 15 years. I’ve dabbled, and then I’ve run back to my favourite languages. Besides, as a web developer there hasn’t often been a need for me to delve that deeply into the machine. Now that I’m developing iPhone applications, that’s all […]

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