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Blogging every day ≤ Coding every day

My life is pretty darned busy right now. Transitioning to a new job, travel for work, helping @dccp with her travel arrangements for her academic conferences, my own iOS projects, and my blog. Since the time I have available to work on my own coding experiments is limited to evenings and weekends. I’ve been recently […]

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New application: Should I use Three20 or raw UIKit?

I’ve been considering starting a new project recently, and have been torn: Should I create my project using Three20, or should I use UIKit directly?  I know Three20 is supposed to help by making applications easier to develop, but what does it really buy me as a developer?  In my experience, most of my time […]

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I’m trying to blog every day this month

Because of my friend Chris Simmons, I’m going to try my hand at NaBloPoMo, the National Blog Posting Month. As if people didn’t write enough drivel on the Internet when they have something substantial to say, people are encouraged to blog even more with nothing at all to motivate them. Okay…I’ll bite. I’ve been meaning […]

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