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Silent no more…

Wow the past few months have been quite a wild ride, and a ton of things have happened!  So much has gone on and I’ve been writing so much software that I haven’t had the time to blog about it.  In the time I’m not writing software, I’d rather spend it with my wife than […]

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Telling your user that a PhoneGap application is busy

Plenty of times in applications, especially on mobile devices, you just need to tell your users to hold their horses and wait while your application processes something in the background.  Maybe you need to query some data from a remote server, save a file to disk, or maybe you just need to do some number […]

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How to use the native Alert dialog in PhoneGap

An important part to any application is issuing a simple alert to your user. Whether it’s to tell them about an error that just occurred, or if you need to ask them a simple question, giving a message to your user is about the most basic part of any app. Sadly, when you try to […]

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Device.saveScreenshot added to PhoneGap

One of the integral features of the next application I’m releasing (I’ll write a post about it soon, honest) is the capability of saving a copy of the user’s work in my app to their Photo Library. For a while now I’ve been wanting to be able to save screenshots from within PhoneGap for two […]

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How to use the ActionSheet in PhoneGap

The ActionSheet is a handy control on the iPhone, and is a very intuitive way of getting a multiple-choice answer from a user in a modal but unobtrusive way. Using it in PhoneGap makes interacting with your user easy, while keeping the display responsive. And as an added bonus, you don’t need to update any […]

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PhoneGap officially permitted on the App Store

Its been a while since I’ve made an update to my blog, and I figured it’s far overdue for a new post. My life over the past little while has been divided up into 4 chunks: my family, my work, my weekend consulting, and my own personal application development. Somewhere around the second half of […]

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Updates on Apple / PhoneGap

Things have been busy over the past few days, which is the reason why I haven’t had a chance to post about this until now. But for the PhoneGap community, I have some good news and some bad news.  First, the good news: I got a phone call from the Apple app reviewer that was […]

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Build process experiments with PhoneGap

I’ve made some quick updates on the train this morning, and ended up creating a Bourne shell script in the iPhone directory of PhoneGap for renaming a brand-new PhoneGap fork to whatever your project is called. This also works with the previous changes I made to my buildprocess branch, meaning that when you’re done, you […]

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PhoneGap gets a fancy new demo

The PhoneGap demo is really starting to grow beyond the capacity of a single screen since tons of new features are being added all the time.  It’s even showing a few examples of the tab and navigation bar features, but they didn’t really do anything beyond just throwing out alerts and log statements.  I decided […]

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Minor PhoneGap Alert updates

Last night, and on my commute in to work this morning, I made some updates to my UIControls branch on Github, largely around adding callback and event support to the Alert notification code. I’ve been working on providing more feedback into JavaScript from the commands run inside of Objective-C.  So far PhoneGap has been largely […]

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