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My blog and I are joining the Iron Man competition!

It’s probably not the kind of Iron Man competition that you’re used to hearing about. This one is a challenge to blog at least once per week, every week, about Perl and Perl-related technologies. My buddy Matt Trout, co-founder of Shadowcat Systems, creator of DBIx::Class, a core contributor to Catalyst, as well as all sorts […]

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WebDev Links Of Interest, Issue 1

I keep finding amazingly good blog posts or links of interest that I end up bookmarking for my own uses, but I end up having to tell people on a case-by-case basis why one article is good for one reason or another. I end up bookmarking on my Delicious account and sharing blog articles I […]

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I’m diving in to PhoneGap and ObjC, finally

I’ve managed to avoid C and C++ programming for most of my career of 15 years. I’ve dabbled, and then I’ve run back to my favourite languages. Besides, as a web developer there hasn’t often been a need for me to delve that deeply into the machine. Now that I’m developing iPhone applications, that’s all […]

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