New job, and new career path

Some of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed recently that I’ve been talking about working for a new company.  This week is my first week working for  I’m really excited about the move for a number of reasons, some of which I’ll go into here.

As of this past Monday, I’m now a full-time iOS developer, instead of being limited to evenings and weekends.  I’m a new addition to an amazing team of developers at developing apps to be released to the App Store, utilizing their amazing cloud-computing infrastructure.  From a technology standpoint this is right up my alley, and the company seems to have a great commitment to quality, agility and a good work environment.

This is a big change for me not only because it’s a new company, but because it’s an entirely different identity.  I’ve always referred to myself as a “Web Developer” when asked by friends, family, etc.  For 15 years I’ve worked in the web space, developing server- and client-side applications using Perl, JavaScript, and any number of other technologies in between.  But now when people ask, that answer no longer fits.  So starting this week, I have a new identity in my career.

I’ve always preferred to be on the leading edge of whatever technology it is I’m working in.  When I started, I wasn’t content simply building static sites; I pushed myself toward dynamically-generated sites.  When that became the norm, I instead focused on multi-lingual and multi-view sites.  That later turned into rich client-side applications, which later became known as “Ajax” webapps.  In recent years this too has become a bit passé.  This is what drew me to mobile development in the first place.

While I’ve been developing mobile apps for the past 2 years, I now can officially refer to myself as a professional iOS developer.  It feels good.

P.S.: I’m still continuing my work on my own personal iOS app business Decaf Ninja Software.  I’m continuing to maintain my existing apps, as well as develop new and interesting apps.  I learned to develop mobile apps through my side business, which is what launched this new career direction.  It only makes sense to continue that practice to improve my skills in areas such as Core Audio, OpenGL-ES and other more meaty areas that my work at may not include.

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  1. I must admit, I die a little inside when I hear the term “iOS developer”. Why not mobile developer? Anyways, the transition to full time mobile development is long overdue. I’m certain you will knock it out of the park over there. All the best! 🙂

    1. Well, the fact of the matter is that I’m not just doing “Mobile Development”. I’m specifically doing iOS development, because that’s what I like. 🙂 I’ve done generic mobile development, but since I’ve been a web developer for over 15 years, that’s starting to feel a bit old to me. That’s why iOS development, specifically, seems so exciting to me. 😀 I get to develop using more hard-core technologies that web development just can’t touch yet. I’m sure it will catch up someday, but for the time being, I like playing with audio DSP, OpenGL, and all the other fun tech that HTML5 just can’t compete with.

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    1. *sniff* You know it’s a bitter-sweet parting. I am gonna have to pop over to Sophos sometime soon for some more pool soon though. My new office doesn’t have a pool table *or* foosball tables (yet). 😉

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