About Mike

I’m a computer programmer, specializing in complex web applications and iOS applications.  I develop iPhone/iPad apps as well as Web applications under my business Decaf Ninja Software, typically during evenings and weekends.  It’s a part-time passion that makes me excited and keeps my brain active.

Until recently I worked in my day job as a web application developer for Sophos.  Now I’ve made the switch to working as a full-time iOS developer for Salesforce.com.  We’re hiring, so check out our open positions and make sure to mention that I referred you (I’d get a referral bonus which, hey, certainly couldn’t hurt).  It’s a great place to work with tons of locations and great compensation.

Beyond that, I don’t have much to say.  Read my blog if you want, or don’t…it’s up to you.

To get a hold of me, send an email to mike [at] nachbaur [dot] com.