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Rebooting my blog, again- Lets recap the past few years to kickstart my blog again!
Forcing a method to run on the main thread- You know how many times, as an iOS developer, you want to ensure some method or delegate call occurs on the main thread?  We do this dance countless times, and while it’s straight-forward enough, it can be a burden sometimes. Here’s an easy way to keep your thread access safe, without having to write a […]
Don’t live to work…- Many people have heard the phrase “Don’t live to work; work to live”.  This usually means that the goal of working should be to enable you to live your life, rather than allowing work to consume your life.  Far too many people in the tech industry sacrifice their families, spouses, children, and even their sleep, […]
Docset Viewer update v1.5- The past year has been quite a ride, to say the least! I have been so busy with work, creating awesome features and technologies on iOS apps that over a year has raced by without an update to my blog! I’ve also been neglecting my own apps due to being so overwhelmed with the requirements […]
My App Store release checklist- For the longest time it seemed that releasing an update to an iOS app was a random whack-a-mole process that I’d invariably get wrong in some way.  It was maddening, especially since iTunes Connect has only recently become a decent web application.  By switching to Jenkins for continuous integration of my iOS app builds I’ve […]
Logging with CocoaLumberjack and TestFlight- Consider the following situation that happens far too often in mobile app development: You’ve just released an app that works perfectly for you, and you’ve tested it extensively. You’re proud of your accomplishments and submit the app to the world, only to have several emails sent to you from users who have nothing but difficulties […]
Docset Viewer v1.2 and how to customize iCloud backups- I’ve recently released version 1.2 of Docset Viewer, which fixes a number of bugs people experienced with the previous version. If you had problems with the previous release, please give this one a try. One of the improvements I’ve added is the ability to customize whether or not you would like to back up your […]
Docset Viewer: Resuming large downloads with NSURLConnection- As I’ve shown in my previous post announcing Docset Viewer, I want this series of posts to be more than me talking about my new app. In keeping with the instructional nature of my site, I’m going to show you a few things that I did in my new app Docset Viewer and how I […]
Announcing Docset Viewer v1.1 for iPad and iPhone- Over the years my blog has transformed from the usual “Wordy geek ranting about first-world problems” content toward more educational and informative posts on what I do for a living: developing awesome iOS applications. I don’t usually talk about the actual applications I’m writing though, since most of my work is on other people’s apps […]
Core Graphics isn’t scary, honest!- For anyone who’s developed exclusively with UIViews on iOS may take the title of this post a bit oddly. “WHAT?!” they might say, “Are you insane? Core Graphics is not only a C-only API, but has confusing function names, and needs way more code to do the same thing I can do in less code […]