This site was first started in 1998 when I first registered the domain name, and over time it has gone through many iterations. After a server crash (without backups, of course), the site was reborn with a new purpose: my personal blog to share my musings about software development.

Today this is a place for me to share my knowledge and experiences with family and travel.

Mike Nachbaur

Sitting at the beach, on my laptop

I’ve been a software engineer since 1995, with most of my early years devoted to Unix web app development, predominantly in Perl.

When the iPhone SDK was released to the public I began teaching myself mobile development and Objective-C during my morning commute. After working on a few apps, and contributing to the early days of the PhoneGap project, I dove head-first into native mobile development and started a new phase of my career when I got hired by Salesforce.

These days I work remotely from Vancouver and Hawaii, or from wherever my wife Deanna and I happen to be traveling.

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