Mootools 1.2 rocks

I’m developing an Ajax web application in Mootools. Two actually, if you consider the work I do with my day job. At work we’re using the older 1.11 version of Mootools, but in the interest of helping this great project, I’m doing my spare-time development using version 1.2.

Mootools 1.2 makes it a lot more obvious how to extend and create your own subclasses of existing objects. Instead of writing all my fancy UI components as a series of functions within my page’s class object, I can create separate objects to handle individual features and call out when I need to. The workflow and API is much cleaner and is far more consistent.

I’ll delve into more about my uses of Mootools later, since I’m currently up against a wall at work. We’ve got to get our release out soon, and I have a number of bugs assigned to me to fix.

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