Why, oh why did I ever leave California?

I love living in Canada, and I especially like living in Vancouver. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have a lovely wife, a great job, a wonderful city…what more could I ask for? Oh right, that’s it…warm weather! I’m not meant for frozen water falling from the sky, or bundling up into so many layers that I feel like an onion (or a parfait).

I don’t like the cold. I especially don’t like it when my office building thinks it’s still June. I felt warmer waiting in the snow for my bus this morning than I do right now at my desk.

When I was a kid I remember a few years we went down to the beach on Christmas Day. We didn’t go into the water, of course, but we were wearing shorts and t-shirts. BBQ, drinks, and party games on the sand. If I were to do that here, I’d freeze my nuts off.

Though it does look beautiful when seen through a window. My wife uses the cold weather as an excuse to go shopping and buy warm, and cute, clothes. Maybe I should do the same and should just stop complaining.

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