I really need to broaden my music horizons

AFI - Decemberunderground

You know that feeling when you listen to a song that you love so much, you re-play it 3 times in a row? You also know that feeling when people tell you “ZOMG you’ve gotta listen to, you’ll love it” and you say “yeah yeah, sure, sometime…” and you never bother ’till “sometime” eventually comes along, and you think “Why the hell didn’t I listen to this earlier?!” Well, I’m doing that right now with “Miss Murder” by AFI. I’m on my 3rd play through in a row, and I’m seriously considering starting it over…

And yes, the song just ended…and I just hit the “Skip Back” button on my iPhone. It’s playing once more. Yes, it is ridiculous. Yes, I know this song will be stuck in my head for the next week. But at this moment, I don’t particularly care.

One of my friends, Chris Prather, who’s been telling me for ages to listen to this album just called me a “newcomer”. Guilty as charged.

So if anyone has any “ZOMG You’ve gotta listen to this!” music recommendations, leave me a comment. I’ll make sure to listen to them sooner this time around.

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