A Git Workflow for Agile Teams

I’ve been using git for all my new software development and have been converting my old Subversion (and gasp CVS) repositories over. Throughout this process I keep learning more and more about git, and my love story with it continues every day. Thanks to my friend Chris, he sent along this blog posting that really describes how you can do hardcore agile software development in teams with git. This really is helping me solidify in my head what it is I want to do, but have just never had the tools or know-how to put into practice.

At Hashrocket we use git both internally and in our Agile mentoring and training. Git gives us the flexibility to design a version control workflow that meets the needs of either a fully Agile team or a team that is transitioning towards an Agile process.

via ReinH | A Git Workflow for Agile Teams.

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