My blog and I are joining the Iron Man competition!

It’s probably not the kind of Iron Man competition that you’re used to hearing about. This one is a challenge to blog at least once per week, every week, about Perl and Perl-related technologies.

My buddy Matt Trout, co-founder of Shadowcat Systems, creator of DBIx::Class, a core contributor to Catalyst, as well as all sorts of other great Perl goodies, is starting a blogging contest to try to get the word out that Perl is still alive and well, and perhaps try and overthrow the public perception that Perl is use old-school “use CGI;”. And he’s also a hilarious public speaker too.

I’m going to be taking part from this blog. I love Perl, and have been writing software in it for nearly 15 years. The problem with a lot of people like myself is that we already know that Perl is great, and is used throughout the world to solve mission-critical problems on a daily basis. But we tend to forget that unlike Java, .Net, and other crappy newcomers, Perl doesn’t have a marketing department trying to convince people that their language doesn’t suck. Anyone who’s had to deal with Java CLASSPATH problems, .Net’s problems like – well, that it’s .Net, for starters – knows that just because there’s industry buzz about something doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the “SUCK” department.

Please check out and join in. Or alternately you can email if you want to contribute. At the very least, I suggest you follow the Enlightened Perl Iron Man blog. If you’re following this one, at the very least you’ll be following a small part of it.

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