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The PhoneGap demo is really starting to grow beyond the capacity of a single screen since tons of new features are being added all the time.  It’s even showing a few examples of the tab and navigation bar features, but they didn’t really do anything beyond just throwing out alerts and log statements.  I decided to change that to show just what’s possible with a PhoneGap app.

(Forgive me for the ugliness of the video…this is my first upload to YouTube, so I had assumed I could resize the embedded viewer to fit the aspect ratio of the original).

I’m pretty excited about it.  Not only does it give developers a starting place for developing apps, but it allows us to improve the demos to give the user a better experience.  I’d like to show a Canvas graph of the accelerometer values, or even show a rolling ball in a box to see how the accelerometer can influence JavaScript.

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  1. This is exciting, but I’m still waiting to hear whether Apple is going to adopt a consistent policy regarding apps built with PhoneGap. I’m assuming they haven’t said anything to you since their initial “we’ll get back to you” response to your recent letter.

  2. I’m working on a game using phonegap.
    But i’m really worried about the Apple app rejections.
    Do you have new info about that?

  3. No new news as of yet. Someone has graciously sent me a phone number to try contacting Apple support on about this, so I’ll give that a try on Monday.

  4. Best demo yet!

    Just an fyi, the cancel button in the top nav of the photo section consistently crashes my emulator.

    So how do I get this running on my hardware? Anything after 0.7.2 seems to have changed so much that the “getting started” tutorial no longer applies. Hope I don’t come off as a whiner here. You guys are doing great work!


    1. Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. I think I’m releasing the image picker incorrectly. I’ll be pushing out an update on that as soon as I finish my current contract.

  5. Cool Demo!
    So, the photopicker should be implemented now? We can use photo’s in Phonegap?
    ‘just’ from the gallery, or from the cam as well?
    That’s something I quite look forward to!

  6. The photopicker was implemented before, but was pretty broken. I’ve fixed it, and have tried to implement the picker in a flexible fashion. The callbacks are still broken though, so I haven’t done a big announcement for that yet. More to come soon on that. 🙂

  7. Looks fantastic. I am working on an iPhone / PhoneGap app at the moment. It’s a fairly simple app for measuring time and distance for when I go running. Its coming along nicely. I only downloaded PhoneGap a couple of days ago. I am trying to implement a tabbar but no luck yet. I downloaded the latest version of PhoneGap from the phonegap site. Is this the latest version I need. I have not really got my head around github yet.

  8. Where can I download this latest version of the demo with tabbar ui in? I have downloaded the latest version from the PhoneGap site but the demo does not have any tabbarstuff in. I need to get my head around the Git stuff so I can get to the latest files.

    Also, are there any plans to implement the native spinning number picker UI? I am building a stopwatch / distance app for running. Its looking pretty good considering I have only been using PhoneGap for a few days. I have the basic stopwatch working and it’s tracking distance travelled. But I need to add some more pages to the app. So ideally I need a tabbar which can jump to a history page and settings pages. Im a designer primarily hence the reason I went with PhoneGap but im still getting lost! One step at a time I supoose 🙂 I can send you some screen grabs of what I have so far if you like. It looks good i reckon

  9. Hey nachoman,

    I am using your tab bar code for phonegap and I have created a functioning application for the simulator, but when I build it to an iPhone it displays the tab bar but with a white screen where the content should be. Any ideas why this is happening? Does your code only work on the simulator?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  10. Hi

    Happy New Year to all of you !

    The demo is very impressive. Same question as the other, is there a link to downloas this demo ?

    Thank you !

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